The One of a Kind Vintage Coffee Table Greek Key

We usually like to present articles about various items and various style just so that we can covers all the possibilities. This is an article that focuses on the beauty of vintage and antique designs. It’s about a very beautiful coffee table that features a unique vintage design.

Kind Vintage Coffee Table Greek Key

It’s the type of design that adds warmth and character wherever it goes. It’s a real treasure and it combines the beauty of classic French and European styles with a unique and original patina. It’s part of a one f a kind collection. This beautiful antique features an aged and distressed design that makes it seem even more authentic. It has been finished in original cream and gold and has very beautiful carved details carved on the legs and on the sides.

Kind Vintage Coffee Table Greek Key

Kind Vintage Coffee Table Greek Key

This unique Greek Key style coffee table also features a unique mercury glass top means to protect the actual table from scratching and deteriorating. It’s also a stylish addition to the design. The overall dimensions of this stylish coffee table are 39″W x 19″D x 19″H. You can buy it for $1,300.00. It would look lovely in the living room. Of course, the rest of the décor would have to share the same style or at least to be similar to the design of this particular item.

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