The Octopus Table by Jesse Shaw

The octopus has been an inspiration for several different pieces of furniture like the octopus chair or several octopus-inspired coffee tables and end tables. Here’s another very interesting creation that has the same source of inspiration. It’s a low table designed by Jesse Shaw.

Featuring a very beautiful wooden base shaped like an octopus and a transparent glass top, this table is an eye-catching piece of furniture that will definitely stand out. The wooden replica of the octopus features 6 arms that support the glass top. They are placed at the same distance one from the others. The designer didn’t try to create a very realistic replica f the actual octopus, but more like a stylized version of it. Scientists believe that an octopus has 6 arms and 2 legs. This one only has the 6 arms, since the legs would have looked odd.

The table actually allows you to adopt two different designs: the base can be inverted so that the tentacles can be facing upward or downward. The Octopus Table is a very modern adaptation, a stylish and interesting piece of furniture that will definitely become a conversion subject.


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