The Noguchi Table – A Modern Interpretation Of A Classical Design

The Noguchi table was designed by artist and industrial designer Isamu Noguchi. It’s a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that was first produced in the mid-20th century and it was introduced by Herman Miller in 1947. The piece that inspired its design was a table that was designed in 1939 for Conger Goodyear, president of the Museum of Modern Art. It was made of glass and rosewood and had a very stylish design.

The chic design and colors of the table allow it to integrate perfectly in this décor

The modern Noguchi table is a reinterpretation of the original design. This version has a beautiful and sculptural base that is visible through the transparent glass top. The base of the base is made of solid walnut and has two identical parts that are interconnected. They are combined in such a way that they form a stable base that supports the glass top. In the earlier versions, the base was produced in walnut, birch and cherry to be later reissued in ebonized walnut.

The dark walnut base contrasts with the white carpet and matches the rest of the décorThe Noguchi integrates beautifully in any contemporary living roomThe simplicity of the table and its delicate lines complement the accent pieces perfectly
In a large, open space, the Noguchi table easily becomes a focal pointThe table can also integrate well in an eclectic décor, given its unique designMake the table the center of attention by placing in the middle of the living roomCombine the Noguchi table with other stylish side tables featuring similar designsPlay with geometric shapes and designs to allow the table to easily integrate in the décorEven though featuring a modern design, the table can also complement a traditional décor

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The top also went through several stages. Originally, it was issued in 7/8’’ plate glass. The thickness of the top was reduced ¾’’ in 1965. The Noguchi table has become one of the designer’s most iconic and successful creations. It is still very appreciated and considered a very stylish and modern piece. Here are some examples of interiors featuring this beautiful piece.

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