The new de Sede bed collection

You know how people say that” as you make your bed, so you must lie on it”? Well, with a bed like this one we would all lie extremely comfortable and happy. This is the new bed collection from se Sede. This particular bed, DS-1164, might not have a personalized name but it’s definitely a very special piece of furniture. It was designed by Hugo de Ruiter.

The bed celebrates comfort and it’s like a party for the senses. You’ll be able to enjoy divine sleep and extremely comfortable moments in a bed with a simple but flexible and adaptable bed. DS-1164 follows closely in the footsteps of the DS-164 and DS-165 sofas, both of which are very appreciated.

As we were saying, the bed is versatile and adjustable. This means that the bed-heads can be easily adjusted to the exact angle and position you require. This way it can change its design according to the occasion. This is a new characteristic that will probably be included in many designs from now on. It allows the user to adjust the position of the so-called headboard and not only to put to the right angle in order to comfortable watch TV, read a book or simply sleep.

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The design of the DS-1164 bed is simple but very functional. It includes standardized elements that allow the clients to basically design the bed themselves. You can choose the exact elements that would suit your requirements. You can also customize it to match your décor with your choice of color and material.



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