The Napa Side Table

If unique and rustic are the words that you want to describe your decorative furniture pieces, than the Napa side table fits right in that description. As you can see, this table has a very distinguished design, like non other on the market. That’s, of course, very interesting, but it wouldn’t be the same without the particularly unique choice of materials.

The Napa Side Table

The Napa side table is made from wood and has an iron top. The base has iron two iron circles that keep all the pieces together, resembling a barrel structure. The base is round as so is the iron top, with differences is size. The design of the Napa table is a reproduction of the antique furniture pieces. The wood and iron forma rustic look, especially considering the unique antique finish.

The base is made of tiny piece of wood held together by iron circles. The design is finished with a rustic iron top. The entire piece measures 22 Dia 27h and it’s made on special order only. Considering those factors you will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery. You can buy the Napa side table for $650.00. It will be a very beautiful addition in a traditional home but it can also be included in a contemporary décor where mixing the style is something very common.

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