The multifunctional Mägi Bench, a sculptural piece with plenty of room for storage

Each piece of furniture has a primary function, the one that defines it and that probably also gave its name. But this doesn’t mean it can’t also incorporate other functions that aren’t specific to it in particular. For example, a sofa can also be a bed, a table an also be a desk and a bench can also be sued for storage.

The Mägi Bench is an interesting example in this case. As you may have guessed or noticed, the bench is not just a simple piece of furniture to seat on. Its design also incorporates several storage compartments. In addition to that, the bench’s design and shape also makes it a sculptural piece and a wonderful element that contributes to the overall décor of a home. This gives it a third function, that of decorative or accent piece.

This unique bench was created by the Finnish designer Olli Mustikainen in collaboration with Jari Nyman. The seat is made of wood that was well polished and left unstained.This gives the bench simple and minimalist look, making it perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. Also, by opting for this type of finish, the design itself stands out and becomes the center of attention. The base of the bench is made of metal and consists of an apparent irregular series of niches that also serve as support and leg replacements for the seat. These niches have different sizes and the spaces inside them can be used for storage.

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You can use these niches to store books, magazines or all sorts of other items you need to have close-by when seating on the bench. They can also be sued for decorative purposes and you can store these decorative elements that would be displayed in a unique and unusual way. The bench is simple but eye-catching and it has a versatile design that allows it to be integrated in a variety of spaces.



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