The multifunctional Hako storage unit

This is Hako, a compact, free standing solid wood storage unit with a simple but eye-catching design. Hako was designed for Conde House Europe. The collection includes a series of solid wooden boxes with a narrow ribbon that cuts their surface in smaller pieces. The top and the bottom of the boxes fit precisely.

The Hako storage unit combines high standards with the beauty of detailed craftsmanship. The design is influenced by the Japanese art of packaging. Each unit has a unique finish and texture. Since no two pieces of wood are alike, it’s impossible to have two identical units. Many of the units are made out of one log. During the process, solid planks are carefully selected. They are then cut in half and opened like a book. Then you get a single piece of high quality material.

The wood for these units comes from Asahikawa, the city in the very North of Japan where the factory is also located. Because temperatures are very variable in that area and fluctuate up to 60 degrees, the logs need to undergo a process of watering and drying. If after that they present no cracks and other defects, the material is ready to become a beautiful piece of furniture.The Hako storage unit is very simple. It also has a double function. It can be used as a storage unit or as a seat. This makes it very versatile. This element, combined with the unit’s simple design, allows you to include the Hako storage volume in a variety of different decors.

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