The multi-functional Marc coffee table

With an extremely simple design and a modern look, the Marc coffee table manages to fulfill a double function. This is not just another coffee table but also a magazine rack. Sometimes, when they’re having their coffee in the morning and have nobody to talk to, people enjoy reading the newspaper or a magazine. After that the thought that you need to find a place for the paper makes you wish you would have never bought it in the first place.

The Marc coffee table allows you simply put your paper or magazine on one of the thin lines that forms the top and use it as a magazine rack.This way it saves you the trouble to find a place for the paper, preferably somewhere close and where you can easily find it. This table also allows you to save space. Instead of having two separate piece you have just one with a double function. The Marc coffee table was designed by Spanish studio “Gauzak.” It’s a modern piece of furniture with a simple and very functional design.

The table is made of steel and glass. It’s made from a single unit and has curved edges and a minimalist appearance. It had thin straps of metal all over its surface on which you can hang your magazines. Moreover, since its primarily use is as a coffee table, it also has a sliding surface made of tempered glass. This is the portion on which you can rest your coffee mug while you read your favorite magazine in the morning. The Marc coffee table has a very casual and versatile look and it can be easily integrated in any type of décor.

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