The most practical Shelving System from 1960

In my opinion, bookshelves are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house and not only in a house… The Shelving system 606 wall-mounted is not an exception; on the contrary, it has more functions that you might think. It can be used at home as bookshelf, but also as sideboard and wardrobe, CD shelf and even room partitioning. It is the work of a German, Dieter Rams, who designed it in 1960 and since then it has been providing multi-purpose ways of implementation with the most varying system components and assembly variations.

It reveals to be one of the best solutions of solving various accommodation tasks; it can be even separated from the wall and, according to the owner’s imagination, it can be used to style your room, no matter if it is the living or another part of your house. It provides enough space for your books and magazines, art albums, CDs, photo albums and even a plant to give life to the place.

It has many shelves, bigger and smaller, you can compartment them the way you want, and according to the things you have.Both the metal shelves and wood shelves  accomplish your dream and help you organize your staff. I think that the wall-mounted Shelving system 606 is one of the best concepts we can make use of and that is why it is still practical and fashionable today.

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