The Most Creative and Modular Furniture Series Money Can Buy Right Now

Most furniture pieces these days are modular as designers focus more and more on flexibility and are trying to offer as much functionality and as many options in a compact and useful format. Some of the designs are truly revolutionary and highly inspiring, showing what modular furniture is truly about. This doesn’t apply to any single type of furniture, as you’ll see in the examples that follow.

One of the best examples of modular furniture collection is Prisma designed by Alexander Lotersztain in 2013. It was developed for contemporary homes and workspaces and its individual modules can be arranged in a variety of different configurations in order to address a variety of needs and requirements. The collection consists of armchairs, loungers, ottomans, side tables and workstations.

With the Bikini island series, designer Werner Aisslinger shifts the living room focus away from the TV and proposes a furniture layout which encourages social interactions and activities. The modules can be arranged in a variety of configurations based on the room’s layout and the needs of the users. The series includes stools, tables, coat racks, storage containers, shelves, screens, work surfaces and seating units all of which can be mixed and organized in numerous original ways.

This is iPot, a highly modular system which allows you to shape your own furniture and to adapt it and organize it according to your specific needs and preferences. The iPot can take an unlimited number of forms. You can use tubes and joints to connect the pieces and to create the perfect unit for you and your home or workspace. You can place the unit against a wall, use it as a freestanding piece or as a divider, both indoor and outdoor.

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Using only three simple materials, designer and architect Trevor Hailand managed to create a versatile and modular furniture series which combines two or more functions into a single unit. The pieces from the Story Collection are made from ash or walnut wood combined with metal and fabric and come in two different heights and five different sizes.  They can be arranged in a multitude of configurations and their signature look is given by the open storage cubbies on the ends.

Modularity is especially important in modern and contemporary offices where collaboration and teamwork are encouraged. With that in mind, People’s Industrial Design Office created the Tetris series. It’s basically a large table which can be broken into several pieces. All the pieces fit together perfectly, like a puzzle. They have geometric shapes inspired by the retro video game Tetris.

The BB Sideboard is another wonderful expression of modular furniture perfection. Designed by Branka Blasius, the cabinet is compatible with numerous multifunctional modules and these can be combined to create storage solutions for any type of environment or layout. The design is so simple it doesn’t even require joints. the modules are made of birch plywood and with acrylic glass elements.

Have you ever looked around and regretted you got that kitchen table when in fact what you truly wanted was a desk? Or maybe your book collection has grown and not it doesn’t fit anymore on the shelves you once put on your wall. Wouldn’t it be nice to recycle certain furniture pieces and to turn them into something else, similar to how you’d built something out of Lego blocks and then take it apart to make something different. That’s actually what the Playwood collection is all about: a modular furniture series made of pieces which you can disassemble and combine into an infinite number of configurations.

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This is the Assembled storage system, a series designed by Paul Crofts for Isomi. It contains wooden cabinet modules which can be stacked up to create different configurations based on each user’s storage needs. The design is simple and this further increases its versatility.

Designing and decorating with kids in mind is tricky but also very fun and rewarding. One of the coolest collections which express that is Animaze, a series of modular furniture pieces with adorable, kid-friendly forms and designs. The modules come in the form of upholstered animals which fit inside solid wood outlines. They can be used together or separately.

Cats love cardboard boxes and that can be pretty fun but it’s also annoying when you them awesome new furniture and toys and they totally ignore them and play with the box instead. Well, no more of that. Design studio A Cat Thing came up with the idea of a modular collection of cat furniture made out of cardboard. You can use the modules to build a cool sleep and play tower for your cats, just the way they like it. This is one of our favorite pet furniture series and we know for a fact that cats love it just as much as we do.



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