The Montana modular storage unit

Storage is always a big problem. We always have things to store and they’re never the same things. The logical solution would be to have a modular storage system that would adapt to our immediate needs. The Montana storage unit does exactly that. The Montana system offers an almost infinite number of possibilities and combinations.

What interesting is that the Montana system doesn’t have a standard shape or design. It’s basically a series of modular modules and pieces that can be freely combined according to the user’s needs. You can choose between the different types of trays, doors and back panels to form your own design. There are numerous possibilities. You can either create a compact unit with lots of drawers or you can use the modules to create a system that spreads on a larger surface but offers the same storage possibilities.

The Montana storage system was created for Montana Møbler. It offers you a lot of freedom in deciding where you want to place the modules and how to arrange them. You can also choose between all sorts of accessories. For example, your units can stand on legs or plinths. They can also have castors and this would make them easier to move. There are numerous options for each piece. The doors can be normal or sliding doors and the colors differ as well.

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