The modular TV HI FI wall-mounted cabinet

Wall-mounted pieces of furniture are always a great way of saving space and also of creating a unique décor. Wall-mounted cabinets free up floor space and they also allow you to choose the location and height for them, thus giving the user more freedom. This is TV HI FI, a modern, stylish, but most important than all, modular piece of furniture.

TV HI FI was designed for Montana Møbler. It’s based on Peter J. Lassen’s design that got a new look. The cabinet gives the client the opportunity to create a personalized design. It will allow the creation of a new type of décor. The TV HI FI cabinet has a minimalist design, with smooth lines and handle-less fronts. This way the design is clean and very simple and the attention falls on the shape and the overall look of the cabinet.

The drawers and the doors have no handles and they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. Of course, you can always opt for handles and there’s an entire series and designs waiting for you. Moreover, the client is free to make his selection of drawers and doors, thus creating a personalized design. Several models are available and they come in 42 lacquer colors.

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You can combine the modules in any way you want and you can also alternate colors for a contrasting look. The cabinet was designed as a TV unit but the modules can also be sued to form a storage unit or a wall unit. Choose the model, the dimensions and the design and color that you like and personalize your home.



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