The modular Pillar table by Martin Hass

We have gotten used to a specific type of table and that has become a standard that defines this concept. We all know that there are variations in terms of size, design, color and details but some elements are always the same in our mind. There are also times when someone comes up with a design that makes us rethink everything.

One of those designs is the Pillar Table. Unlike any other table or similar piece of furniture, this one has only two legs. We have seen tables that had three legs and they still looked weird and unusual. A table with two legs is even more odd. As you can imagine, a table with only two legs could never have the stability of a table that has three or four. But the Pillar table was not designed to be a freestanding unit. It’s a modular low table system that was designed to use an indefinite number of two-legged tables.

This makes Pillar a modular, versatile and very ingenious piece of furniture. The idea is to use two or more tables to form a larger unit. The system can be extended indefinitely and this allows the user to control the size and even shape of the resulting unit. The system extends using discs placed between table top and bottom. And the space that is not used to dock two units together can also be used to store things such as the paper or a magazine.

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