The modular Dot furniture collection by Terence Woodgate

Most of the times we can’t really decide on a definite design for our home. Choosing a sofa is relatively easy but when it comes to choosing wall furniture or storage units it all gets complicated. We don’t know exactly how much space we’ll need and we don’t know if we’ll want to keep the same design in the future. It’s why modular furniture is very useful and practical. The Dot collection is particularly functional because it combines practicality with style in a very simple and attractive way.

Dot is actually the name of a series of sectional sideboards. The pieces were designed by Terence Woodgate for Punt in 2010. They have minimalist and modern design, clean line, geometrical shapes and they offer great liberty and flexibility in choosing the final design and shape of the unit you want to create. With these modules you can create your own storage unit that will fit exactly with the space you have available in your home and with your storage needs.

The Dot modules can be combined in many different ways. You can choose any number of modules and combine them as you want in order to obtain the perfect piece of furniture for your home. The modules features handles in different exchangeable colors. The handles are in fact conical shapes cut out in the fronts of the modules. They have a removable disc inside that can be easily changed in case you want a different color. The Dot collection includes sideboards in three different widths and three heights. You can combine them as you wish. They come with both doors and drawers.

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