The modern and intriguing Blocco Swivel lounge table

I’ve always liked those pieces of furniture that have a twist, something that distinguishes them from all the other ones. I’m sure I’m not the only one so you’re going to love this piece. It’s called Blocco and it’s a evry beautiful and architectural lounge table. It was designed by Scooter & Partners in 2004.

The table has a square shape with clean and clear lines and a very simple design. It’s made up of three parts that are connected. This way you can simply swivel the top parts in any direction. You can do that to bring the table closer by or to simply get more space for extra guests or for multiple items. Undet these parts there’s a series of storage compartments for small things such as magazines or the remote control.

The table is also customizable. You can choose a different color for each part. The top leaf is also available in (metallic) brush. The maximum load for the table is 20 kg so it was designed to be used as a seat. It has a strong and durable construction with a rotating mechanism inside and with a beautiful lacquered finish. The upper part of the table rotates at a point near one of the corners, the middle is a lid for the lower tray and the lower part is a storage area.

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