The modern and casual Stammtisch table by Alfredo Häberli

Restaurant tables have a very distinctive design. Apparently they are no different from the tables we use in our homes and yet somehow they have a very different feel and look. It all lies in the details. Alfredo Häberli tried to bring some of the restaurant’s charm inside our homes by designing the Stammtisch table.

Stammtisch is an apparently very simple piece of furniture. It’s a table like many others but it also has some very distinctive features. The designer tried to make it somehow relate to the restaurant tables by including some of the elements that are typical to those pieces of furniture. The Stammtisch table was designed for Quotes in 2012 and it’s a simple but attractive piece of furniture. It’s a rectangular table with a wooden construction and that was designed to help create a relaxed and casual atmosphere while also introducing some distinguished style in the room.

The table has an oval shape with smooth lines and edges. It can accommodate a large number of people and, at the same time, it maintains a very social, casual and intimate atmosphere. A wooden bar is placed longitudinally above the floor. It’s a practical element that gives users a place to rest their feet onto. It’ also the element that helps people relax and thus a cozy and legere atmosphere is created. The Stammtisch table is made from sheet metal and wood.

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The metal parts have different colors and add a bold touch. On the other hand, the wood adds warmth and familiarity while also being able to create a sophisticated look. The overall dimensions of the table are Length: 210, 240, 270, 300 cm; height: 75cm; Width: 119 cm (oval top) or 100 cm (rectangular top). Round: diameter 145cm; height: 75 cm. Different finishes are available on request.



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