The minimalist WITJES wall storage system

This is WITJES. It’s a wall storage system and to me it seems it has been designed for those that enjoy being very organized and that like to have a place for everything. The WITJES wall storage occupies almost an entire wall. If the room is small it might even go from one end to the other.

The great thing about WITJES is that it can be incorporated in both small and large rooms. It’s a unit that is suitable for bedroom but that can also be included in other spaces. It has a simple and minimalist design and it’s divided into several compartments. The compartments have different shapes and sizes and they form a sort of puzzle. Some are doors and some are drawers. Each compartment is a storage space.

The unit is impressive as it is but there’s even more. The storage system consists of modular cupboards. To those compartments that you see can be arranged in any way you want. You can create different configurations that suit your needs and you can create different wall patterns. You can also form several distinct wall units. And since you can order any amount of cupboards in any size, you have total freedom when it comes to arranging and organizing the modular units. You can cover an entire wall with them or you can form all sorts of patterns and shapes.

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