The minimalist Tripod side table by Noon Studio

Side tables are generally appreciated for their versatility, compact designs and simplicity. They often also serve as decorative pieces. People search for designs that impress, that have a wow factor. With a side table it’s relatively easy to offer them that. For example, the Tripod side table manages to impress without actually introducing anything opulent, glamorous or overly stunning.

The Tripod side table was designed by the team from Noon Studio. It’s a contemporary piece of furniture with a minimalist design. But, as most contemporary pieces of furniture do, it offers strangeness in a simple and unexpected way. The Tripod table is unusual on most levels. First of all, as its name suggests, its base is a tripod. This makes it unusual compared to the vast number of for-legged tables. Then there’s also another detail that makes this piece special.

This simple and minimalist side table can be easily disassembled. It breaks down into four flat-packed pieces. This means you can easily find the space to store it if needed and that you can easily disassemble it if case you need to move. It’s a very practical detail and it can really make a difference is a number of cases. The Tripod table is made of ceramic and birch or oak plywood. One of its legs is bigger in size and extends past the table top. It even has a handle that allows you to easily move the table whenever you want. It’s a very practical and interesting piece.

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