The Minimalist Paul storage unit

This storage unit or container as it is described in the original presentation, is called Paul. It’s a very beautiful piece of furniture that features an exquisite minimalist design. I’ve always likes minimalist designs. They are so simple and so basic, with no ornaments or decorations, just the basic structure. This particular item is especially beautiful because it has an elegant design and a versatile look.

The unit was designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. It’s made of wood and it has a very clean, geometrical shape. The main structure is made of oak, with solid wood handles. The doors are covered with leather and the frame has a mocha/ebony finish. I personally don’t enjoy very much furniture that has leather in it. However, in this case the leather is a subtle and actually chic addition that doesn’t interfere with the item’s minimalist look.

The unit’s overall dimensions are L. P. 140 50 H. 143. It’s very simple and this also makes it very versatile. It would make a beautiful addition to the living room where you can place it in a corner or against a wall and it would make a great storing unit. It would also be a practical addition to the bedroom if the décor allows it. This particular model is actually part of a larger collection designed by Roberto Lazzeroni and all the other creations feature the same minimalist design.

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