The Maverick round dining table

Even though dining tables are usually rectangular, round tables can also be a very nice choice. In fact, round dining table give a sense of closeness as the members can see each-other in the eyes and thus feel closer to the other persons sitting at the table. It’s easier to interact this way and the conversations are much more pleasant when you actually see the one you’re talking to.

The Maverick round dining table

The Maverick table is especially beautiful. It’s a round dining table and it has a very beautiful base. It features a rustic look, both casual and elegant. The Maverick dining table has a wood base and a steel top. The base is especially beautiful because you can actually see all the natural details that make each piece unique. The top has a vintage steel finish that is aged and slightly distresses in order to be in concordance with the base.

The Maverick dining table is very beautiful and it would look wonderful in a kitchen or in a small dining room. Its simple design makes it very versatile and adds elegance wherever it goes. The dining table has not been designed for outdoor use, where it would suffer from natural sunlight and weather conditions. The dimensions of the Maverick round dining table are 54″ round x 29.5″ high. You can buy this unique product for $2195.00.

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