The Ludovico compact furniture set by Claudio Sibille

This is yet another very impressive creation from Claudio Sibille. We already know he has come up with several very interesting designs such as the Sensei set or Alina, a combination of a table and two chairs. This creation is even more impressive because it’s exactly what a small home needs.

Ludovico is a very practical and functional furniture set that includes two chairs and a storage unit with drawers. Nothing surprising until now. The interesting part is that the chairs can actually fit inside the furniture the furniture itself. This way you can save a lot of space and both the chairs and the storage unit are perfectly functional. The concept behind this creation is actually very simple. The chairs have been designed to fit exactly with the lines of the unit. This way they can fit inside and the storage spaces are not disturbed in any way.

The unit also features four drawers of considerable dimensions. They can be used to store lots of things in the living room and it can be also be used in the bedroom for storing cloths and other items. Moreover, you can store there not only small objects but also these two perfectly functional chairs. The unit is made of eucalyptus with aluminum handles. Ludovico is definitely one of my favorite pieces of furniture and so are most of this designer’s creations.

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