The innovative Xelo TV stand brings together style and functionality

The placement of the TV is one of the most important details you have to think about before choosing the design and layout of a space. Usually the TV is incorporated into the wall unit’s design so you have to carefully choose the dimensions and shape for the furniture. However, with a freestanding TV stand like this one, all those problems are easily solved.

Xelo is a futuristic-looking TV stand with a simple and innovative design which makes it perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. The design is also very versatile so it can easily become part of any space such as the office, the living room or bedroom. The piece was designed by Italian company Paxton. The curved lines, sleek shape, minimalistic design and bold colors make it very attractive as well as versatile.

The stand is composed of two parts. It has a stem which hides all the cables inside and a base which secures the stem. It also comes with a transparent shelf which you can use to store small items. The whole piece weighs 20 kg and can support monitors weighing up to 50 kg. It comes in a variety of glossy colors as well as come matte shades

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