The Ingenious Wall Mounted Table from MASH Studios

If the three legged table seemed unusual and the two-legged table seemed to reinvent a design that we were all comfortable with before, this table will come as an even more surprising creation. The philosophy behind this design seems to be ”why have table legs when you don’t need them?”. In a way it’s true. When you have a small space everything that’s unnecessary tends to become annoying, even something as fundamental as the legs of your table.

MASH Studio came up with a design for a table that has absolutely no legs. The table is not simply floating above the ground. It has to be mounted on the wall. This makes it less flexible because it can’t be moved from there but that’s not even necessary for many of us. This ingenious table was designed by Bernard Brucha. The table has to be attached to a wall and then it simply seems to be floating there.

The idea was very clever and allows you to get rid of these elements that have become unnecessary and only take up space and incommode you, not to mention that they can be really frustrating and cause small accidents. This three-seater table reinvents the basic design of this common piece of furniture. The table is made from English walnut and has a natural oil finish. It measures 30 L x 30 W x 9 H and is clever and very practical, especially in small spaces.Available for $420.

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