The ingenious Rejon book table

When you plan to spend some time alone, maybe reading a good book and relaxing, you want everything to be perfect. Reading corners were designed just for that. They are usually placed in a corner of the room, hence the name, and are usually found in libraries or near bookcases, close to the materials they need. But with the Rejon table, you can relax and enjoy a nice book anywhere you want.

The table is like a miniature bookcase. It was designed to only hold a very limited number of books. This makes it perfect for sunny afternoons when you go on the terrace, deck, garden, etc. to read a few pages from your favorite book. It was designed for indoor use but it’s ok to take outside as long as it’s in a protected area and to bring it back inside after you’re finished reading. The Rejon table is small and has a compact design. It measures H50xB48xT32cm.

As for the design, the Rejon table is simple and with a modern appeal. It has a simple frame with two “X” pieces connected on the middle. The frame continues and forms a diamond-shaped space. It is partially covered in black material and only the wooden legs are visible. What’s particularly interesting about this table is that it also has a small shelf incorporated in its design. It’s a great place to put your glass of water, wine or whatever you enjoy drinking while reading. The table is made of MDF and beech and it’s a very versatile product.Available for 145 euros.

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