The Industrial Maison Coffee Table

When you want to achieve an original look for your home you don’t necessarily have to bend backwards to find something unique, that nobody has ever seen before, to reinvent the art of decoration. It’s usually enough to just find something unusual and eye-catching and it’s usually very simple to do that. This coffee table is the perfect item for that.

The Industrial Maison Coffee Table features an original look, with its wheeled cart look. It resembles a wheeled cart used in old factories and it’s simple and yet unusual because it’s not the type of design you expect to see in a living room for example. That’s what makes it original. The table has a rustic look and it would definitely stand out in any living room.

The Industrial Maison Coffee Table is crafted of reclaimed wood and it has a rustic, weathered look and a distressed finish. The base is made of iron and a has a special rust-free coating. Its dimensions are 16.5″H x 47″W x 31″D, it’s functional, fun and easy to integrate into a lot of different homes. The table is part of the Home Decorators Collection. You can buy this original coffee table for $449.00. It will definitely spice up your interior. For a more uniform look, you can also match it with similar pieces of furniture like a handmade side table or one of those cozy rocking chairs.

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