The “Hang on!” display cabinets

Hang on! is the name of an ingenious creations that resulted during a competition in Italy. It consists of a cabinet that has a very interesting design. The cabinet is made out of several wooden hangers and they may have different depths, depending on the number of hangers sued to make it. The wooden hangers have very interesting designs and shapes. They are basically square wooden boxes framed by a symmetrical structure with curvilinear shapes.

The cabinet was crafted using waste materials so it also shows its creators concern for the environment and recycling. These modules were designed to be used as display units. They are containers that can be used to display all sorts of objects in shops but also in private and residential spaces. Their depth may vary but the shape and the design is identical. They can either be used as single units or combined in various ways to form playful compositions. This makes the cabinets very versatile and able to adapt to different spaces and situations.

The Hang on! modules are handcrafted and carefully finished by hand as well. This makes each one of them unique as each module may present unique characteristics. They were featured in exhibitions in Barcelona and admired by artists and craftsmen and they have become more and more popular since then. Their simplicity and ingenuity makes them particularly intriguing.{found on site}.

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