The Grand Canyon Table by Amit Apel Design

I always like it when someone finds a way of reinventing a concept. That’s why I like this unusual but very interesting table. It manages to take a basic concept like the Grand Canyon in this case and include it into something new and innovative like the Grand Canyon Table.

Grand Canyon Table

This beautiful modern creation comes from Amit Apel Design, The table features a large decorative crack that extends from one corner of the table deep into the center covering approximately half of the table. The crack represents the image of the Grand Canyon as seem from above and manages to incorporate an organic shape into a modern piece of furniture.

Grand Canyon Table

Of course, liking and understanding the design of this particular piece of furniture depends on the ability to recognize the distinct shape f the Grand Canyon. The natural elements has been simplified and turned into a contemporary representation. I really like this table. It’s so simple and yet so intriguing.

Grand Canyon Table

I especially like the fact that the rest of the table’s design is minimalist and the overall look is modern and elegant. This is a table that will immediately capture all the attention and will probably become and interesting subject in many conversations. Any living room would be happy to include the Grand Canyon Table.

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