The Ghost Buster table by Philippe Starck

The name of this table might be misleading as it has nothing to do with the supernatural activity from the film or the TV series. It’s simply a beautiful piece of furniture that continues the design line created by Philippe Starck. The designer also created the Victorian Ghost Chair and the Louis Ghost Chair and they introduce a new way of perceiving common pieces of furniture that we use every day.

The Ghost Buster table is a versatile piece of furniture that can also serve as a storage unit. It was designed for Kartell and it complements beautifully the designer’s other creations. The table has a very simple design with a classical feel. It’s actually an updated version of classical French furniture but this time with a contemporary appeal. The table is entirely transparent and has a continuous shape. It features clean but sinuous lines and smooth corners and curves.

This intriguing table features two open frontal shelves that are great for storing a variety of different things. It’s also why the table can be successfully used as a storage unit. The transparent structure sits on four bi-facial legs and the whole unit is made from plastic. It’s actually the largest plastic mono-bloc ever created in the furniture domain. The table was technically challenging but the result was unique and inspiring. This very attractive piece of furniture is available in two transparent shades: crystal and fume. Two matte color versions are also available, the white and the black models.Available 1145$.

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