The Geos bedroom furniture collection by ZG Group

Geos H08 is a beautiful furniture collection with simple and yet eye-catching pieces. It was designed for ZG Group and all the components of the collection have similar characteristics that allow them to stand out. The collection was designed to be used in hotel bedrooms because of its clean designs, simplicity of the lines and clarity of the details. The selection of materials is also interesting. The collection includes a headboard, wardrobe, desk, luggage stand and low bench.

The Geos collection as a whole and all its individual components are characterized by a simple and yet eye-catching style. All the pieces from this elegant collection have details that are emphasized through the use of certain materials. For example, the aluminum details found on the headboards but also on the bedside tables and the desks allow them to stand out without being opulent. It’s the simplicity of the design that makes them elegant.

All the components of the collection feature an aluminum profile that allows them to stand out as a collection as well as individual pieces. These details are subtle but strong and stylish at the same time. Geos is a collection defined by versatility and it would suit most styles and tastes. It’s also a collection that is easy to match and combine with other elements and would suit most wood types, colors and finishes.

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