The futuristic spiral coffee table

Some designs are focused on functionality while others on looks. It’s a fact that establishes a balance between these two styles. However, most often there is a little of both sides. The Spiral coffee table has a design that makes it apparent that the goal is to impress. It’s a piece of furniture designed to serve as an accent feature, as a focal point. Still, this doesn’t mean that it lacks functionality.

It’s true that, given the spiral shape of the table, the usable surface is smaller and thus less functional. However, a coffee table is by definition a decoration, just as much as a practical piece of furniture. The Spiral coffee table was designed for Cattelan Italia. It features a base crafted from steel. The base can have either a chromed or silver finish. It has a lacquered surface and this gives it a sleek and glamorous look.

The table also features a top, the most impressive part of the design. The top is made of curved glass that can either be clear, frosted or black. All versions are beautiful but their visual impact differs with the finish. A black table would have a more dramatic look while a clear glass top would allow it to also impress but in a more subtle and delicate way. The Spiral coffee table is a contemporary creation and would make a strong focal point.

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