The Fusion Tables by Matthew Robinson

When faced with the challenge of coming up with an original and unique design, designers can find their inspiration anywhere. In some cases the resulting designs are very straight-forward while in other cases the users get the freedom to imagine what the inspiration source was. For these tables it’s a little unclear what the trigger was.

The Fusion Tables were designed by Matthew Robinson. They were actually his graduation project for the Leeds College of Art in England. He managed to come up with something different and eye-catching but not in a shocking way. Since the name doesn’t really give us a clue as to what the inspiration was for this project, we are free to put our imagination to work. Personally I find these tables very delicious. They seem to be made of white and dark chocolate that just melts away and creates a delicious combination.

The Fusion Tables, despite their delicate look, are very strong and durable pieces of furniture. They are made from solid wood and they are made by hand. The differences in color come from two different types of wood: walnut and maple. The tables have a very friendly and cartoonish look. They are simple and they can only impress with their shape and natural charm. They were designed as a pair and would serve beautifully as coffee tables. They can either be used as a set or separately.

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