The Fracture coffee table

This intriguing piece of furniture is a unique coffee table. It’s called the Fracture coffee table and it was designed by Matthew Hilton. It’s crafted with a powder-coated steel frame for durability and support and an American black walnut or American white oak top.

The coffee table is manufactured in Portugal by De La Espada. It has an intriguing design. The top is split of, better said, fractured into three units. They all have different shapes and together they form a square-shaped coffee table. And the best part is that they can be sued independently. You can spread the three units around the house and sue them wherever they’re needed. This unique coffee table is part of a larger collection of products that will be manufactured in small quantities.

The Fracture coffee table is available in two different options. There’ the version made of American black walnut or the one made of American white oak. They both feature a beautiful Danish oil finish or white oil finish. They also have a painted steel base. The dimensions of the coffee table are 39.4″ w | 39.4″ d | 15.75″ h and it can be bought for $3,385.00 plus an additional delivery tax. This is a truly unique piece of furniture. It has a simple design but the single detail of being cut into three unit makes it so special.

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