The flexible and versatile seat by Benno Zindels

Very few pieces of furniture are as flexible and versatile as this one. This is Kursi Java and it’s not even a piece of furniture in the true sense of the term. It’s more like an accessory. This sitting shell was designed by Benno Zindels and it’s small but extremely flexible and adaptable.

The seat resembles a shell in terms of shape and structure. It’s made from natural rattan, a flexible material that is extensively used for outdoor furniture. The seat has a design inspired by Asian elements. It’s very simple and has a very modest look but it’s also very versatile. It’s the design and size that make this product so versatile. It can be sued everywhere. It’s a great extra seat and it allows a large variety of seating positions. It was designed to be used directly on the floor.

Since it’s made of rattan, this sitting shell is flexible enough to adapt to the user’s body posture and movements thus allowing him to feel very comfortable. The seat was created in collaboration with a small family enterprise from Indonesia and it was designed in 2010. It’s simple and versatile and perfect for casual seating. You can take it with you wherever you go. It’s something you might like to use while relaxing in front of the TV or when you chat with friends. It’s small and easy to store and it’s as comfortable as a chair. It lacks the back support but the comfort level is high nonetheless.

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