The Fine Line Automatic bio fireplace

The Fine Line Automatic is the latest creation of Studio Planika. They are well known for their range of bio fireplaces. Not only that they come up with sustainable designs but they also add style and elegance to the equation. As the name suggests, Fine Line Automatic is a fully automatic fireplace. It has a large LED display and it can be operated with a remote control.

The designs of the fireplace is beautiful no matter from where you look at it and this gives the used the freedom of choosing to display it however he wants. You can choose from a multitude of options. One of them would be to mount the fireplace on the wall. You can also display it on a shelf and you can even use as a freestanding fireplace. The Fine Line Automatic fireplace has a stainless, acid proof steel burner with a powder-coated base. The design also includes a 4-degree flame regulation option, electronic safety sensors that allow you to control it at all times and a standby mode.

Moreover, the fireplace is shock-proof and CO2 sensitive so you have nothing to worry about. In case of danger, a warning signal and an alert will appear on the display and the fire will be automatically extinguished. The dimensions of the fireplace can be adapted to each client’s needs. The length can be anywhere from 31’’ up to 62’’. You can custom-order the dimensions. The design will remain the same: modern, simple and stylish.

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