The EXTreMe Sofa: modular, functional and flexible

Italian designer Mauro Lipparini is the one behind all these designs. He created a collection of sofas that attempts to be unique on several levels. One detail is the elegant and refined design, as well as the fluid lines. Another aspect is related to the actual structure of the sofas. Of course, there’s also the functionality and versatility of the designs.

Something that is visible from the start and that all pieces have in common is the fact that the sofas rest on a pedestal, on a glossy surface that acts as a support base and that in some cases also acts as an extension to the actual sofa. The most impressive design is the EXTreMe sofa. The grey fabric, combined with the red platform creates a modern but very elegant look. The detail that distinguishes this particular sofa from the other pieces in the collection and from all the other sofas is the fact that the platform doesn’t just act as a base for the actual sofa but it continues, creating an extension that can be used as a coffee table or as a simply decorative detail.

All the pieces from the collection are extremely flexible in shape and their design can be changed in order to fulfill the user’s needs and preferences. This means that the platform and the actual sofa or armchair are two separate pieces that can be combined in any way you want.

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