The Extraordinary Memory Board

This product reminds me of my grandmother’s house. And it’s true that she always knew where her keys were and of course she never forgot the things she had to buy from the grocery store. The Marina Memo Board not only gives you the possibility to relive your childhood but is a very useful piece that can easily fit in your kitchen or your hallway.

It creates a perfect corner for you to put all the important things you have to take care of, such as shopping lists, notes or reminders. But it remains also the place where you can simply write a love note for your partner. So, the Marina Memo Board is an object that can bring a smile on the face of you loved ones. All the pieces in the picture are included, so you receive it assembled and with chalk or eraser. The only job for you is now to think of cute messages to write there, because this is the only option that the board doesn’t have. Otherwise, is a cute piece of furniture that reminds you event to take your umbrella when it’s raining, because is always there for you.

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And, there’s nothing for you to do. You just have to buy it and put it on your wall. From there, you’ll have a piece of furniture that tells you not only where your keys are, but also reminds you to pay your bills. And it still brings an elegant tone to the room where you put it, because of his old and still fancy style. Only for 59,00₤.



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