The expertly crafted “Ultimate Bar”

When coming up with a new design it’s important to do your research. Just making something look pretty is not enough. The functionality of that particular design has to be the main concern. When the “ultimate Bar” was created, the design team spend month watching professional bartenders at work and only after that they were able to come up with this product.

The result was an expertly crafted bar made of poplar wood, MDF and birch veneer and finished with a beautiful Berry Black paint. The bar was carefully designed to facilitate professional use. Its dimensions are 72.5″ wide x 26″ deep x 44″ high. The bar has a marble top and a padded leather armrest anchored with nail heads. It also includes a stainless steel ice bucket, four wine chillers and one condiment holder. On the left cabinet door there’s a wastebasket attached that can be easily removed for emptying.

Inside the right cabinet you’ll find the bottle opener and the towel bar that are conveniently fixed inside the door. In the center there’s a very functional tray drawer with room for everything you need. The Ultimate Bar is composed of a left cabinet, a right cabinet and a central section. They all have different dimensions but they form a uniform unit with an overall elegant and chic design. The Ultimate Bar can be purchase at the price of EUR1979.33.

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