The Elva steel coffee table by Gonzalo de Salas

Coffee tables are a must-have in any home. They make the living room complete and they are actually more useful than you think. You only miss them when you don’t have them. Another great thing about coffee tables is that they have a double function. They function both as practical pieces of furniture for the living room but also as stylish accessories for the home.

This is the Elva coffee table. It’s an eye-catching piece of furniture with a beautiful design and shape. The Elva table was designed by Gonzalo de Salas. It has a modern and minimalist design with curved edges and a smooth overall feel. It seems to have been crafted from only one piece of material that was modeled to take this shape. It’s a very strong and durable piece of furniture that will be with you for years to come.

The Elva coffee table is made of cor-ten steel naturally rusted. It has a unique texture and look and a modern and minimalist design. This also makes it versatile and perfect for a variety of different decors. It would look equally lovely in a traditional home as it will do in a modern or a little more unconventional home. Each coffee table is unique and each one of them is signed and numbered by the author. Also, other sizes are available on demand. You can make your own request and get a coffee table that would fit perfectly your home.

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