The delicate Giselle lounge table

Designers find inspiration anywhere they look. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the image of a leaf falling from a tree and sometimes it can be something a little more sophisticated such a delicate ballerina dancing. This is the Giselle lounge table. It was created by Russian designer Anna Neklesa. The inspiration came from Russian ballet dancers and their delicate silhouettes and moves.

The Giselle lounge table has a very strong structure. Yet it manages to look very delicate. The table top is made of steel and powder-coated aluminum. The table’s legs are made of painted oak wood, a material that’s easier to model and more suitable for this design. The table is a beautiful interpretation of a ballerina. The legs of the table are also the legs of a ballerina and the top features a series of tubes that form the tutu.

The designer also managed to find a way of making this beautiful table even more functional than anticipated. The table also offers storage spaces for items such as news papers, magazines, the remote control and other small objects that can fit in the tubes. It’s a very unusual design for a table. The Giselle lounge table is a truly unique piece of furniture that would look very beautiful in a matching décor. It’s a very delicate design, very well planned and structured.

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