The Cutline furniture collection by Alessandro Busanas

Cutline is a contemporary furniture collection with a very interesting approach. As the name suggests, the pieces from this collection have unusual designs, with apparently accidentally cut corners. In fact everything has a purpose. The designs of the pieces are meant to impress but they are also based on functional criteria.

The Cutline collection was designed by Alessandro Busanas. It includes a table and several storage units, all with unique and original designs. First of all, it’s the shape of these pieces that impresses. The irregularities of the form seem almost chaotic. Nevertheless, it was all intentional. The asymmetrical lines allow them to catch your attention. The cutout pieces then enhance the visual impact and create a very strong impression.

The missing pieces are very neat and they seem to have been cut with a very sharp knife. They allow a glimpse into the interior of these original pieces, but not in the traditional way. They tables and storage units have missing pieces in unexpected places. They reveal a piece of the item while also enhancing the mystery and making it even deeper. The pieces from this collection are in essence very simple except for the unexpected details and this is what makes them unique. It’s a very strong detail and it’s not overwhelmed by anything else. It shines and becomes the star of the design.

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