The CT 120 coffee table by Hülsta

After presenting you the CT 110 coffee table, we’re back with the CT 120 version. It’s a completely different piece of furniture that however has some similar elements to the first one. The CT 120 coffee table was designed for Hülsta-Werke Hüls and it’s perfect for the living room.The table features a wooden frame that is available in several different materials including natural oak and solid structured beech.

It also comes in two different sizes. You can either opt for the 70 x 70 cm version or for the one that measures 90 x 90 cm. they both have the same design and they are equally elegant. The table is customizable not only in terms of material and size. You also have the opportunity of choosing between the versions with or without drawer.

So if you prefer something simple you can go with the first options but if you want your coffee table to offer even more storage space further increasing its functionality, go with the latter. If you choose the version with drawer, you should know that it goes directly underneath the bronzed glass table top.This means that whatever you choose to store in it will be partially visible from above. This is a space suitable for decorations and it’s a way of personalizing your coffee table. Still, whether you choose the drawer or not, the CT 120 will surely be a very elegant and stylish addition to your living room.

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