The Creative Typo Furniture Collection by Luiza Boaventura Mendonça

Typo is a contemporary furniture collection that was designed by Luiza Boaventura Mendonça. The designer found a very interesting way of combining text with furniture. This collection is composed of pieces that basically spell their name. This way, the table has a base that says “TABLE” and the chair also has a base that says “SEAT” in two superposed syllables.

The collection is quite humorous and it has a unique charm. The tables and chairs are available is several different colors such as red, turquoise, grey or yellow. They stand out as bold and eye-catching pieces of furniture and they impress with the simplicity of their design and with the ingenuity that stood at the base of the whole concept.

The tables and chairs that are part of the Typo collection are not only unique accent pieces but they are also very resistant and durable. Moreover, they are 100% recyclable. They have clever designs that allow them to beautifully complement most modern homes. Also, they would make interesting learning tools for the children’s room. Their bold colors only accentuate the uniqueness of their design and make them even more attractive and eye-catching. It’s a collection from which any modern and contemporary living space could benefit from. They can be purchased separately and they can be mixed and matched as you like.

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