The Creative Lofting Table

This is the Lofting Table. It’s a very beautiful and very interesting piece of furniture that features an unusual design. The Lofting Table combines the beauty of classical designs with creative construction methods. The result is this intriguing and charming piece of furniture that would make any home look absolutely unique. The name of the table was inspired by the traditional lofting technique used to plot curves in boat-building. This also gives the table a subtle nautical feel. The techniques used for this piece are unusual for this type of timber table.

The structure was originally designed as a base for a salvaged piece of glass. It was crafted using a combination of 3D CAD technology & the simple jointing method. The design of this table is based around laminating horizontal layers together to form a single complex 3D geometry.

The base of the table is central element of this piece. It’s made of several plywood pieces that have been laminated together by hand. They form a continuous unit with an unusual and artistic design. The Lofting Table by Matthew Jones is finished by hand and sealed with natural wax that enhances the beauty of the plywood grain while also protecting the surface of the wood. This beautiful table would look wonderful in almost any type of living room. It would instantly become the focal point in the room.

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