The cozy Nest floor pillow by Zilalila XXL

Sometimes when you’re at home you just feel the need to lie down. Still, you don’t want to sit in bed because it’s too cozy and night-like. You want something smaller but equally cozy. The Nest pillow offers exactly that. This is an oversized pillow that was designed by Zilalila XXL. It’s made of pure, high quality New Zeeland wool and it measures 90 cm – 135 cm – 90 cm. The dimensions may vary slightly.This XXL Pillow is extremely cozy and comfortable. It allows you to cuddle up and just relax. The pillow is made in Nepal using only the most beautiful, high quality and soft wools from New Zeeland.

It comes in several models and it features native colors such as ecru, soft gray and brown. Each Nest pillow is unique and it offers several options. It resembles a beanbag and it’s very comfortable. Each pillow is handmade and therefore unique. The cotton cushion is handmade and filled with recycled light insulating materials that retain the heat. This makes the pillow even more cozy.

The Nest pillow has a long zipper on the bottom. The cover is removable and can be washed or replaced. Because the pillow is so soft and cozy, it can change its shape according to the user’s needs.It’s a modular product and it takes the shape of the user’s body. It’s also a very versatile product and it can be easily integrated in the living room, bedroom and other similar places. The Nest pillow is always there whenever you need a hug.Available for 499 euros at Lovely Dutch.

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