The contemporary REK coffee table

Coffee tables are very functional pieces of furniture. Without them our living rooms would feel incomplete. But, even though, most of the times, they satisfy our needs, sometimes we have to improvise in order for that to happen. With REK this is not necessary. REK is a very simple and yet very complex coffee table. It has a minimalist design and a contemporary look but it’s in fact a timeless piece of furniture that will still look great ten years from now.

The REK coffee table is particularly useful when guests come over and you need more space for everyone’s cup of coffee or glass of wine. The table grows with your needs. So whenever you have visitors, simply extend the table any way you want. The table allows you to do that because of its simple and ingenious design. There are three levels. The first one is the compact table. In this form is has a square shape. The next level is the table with the inner symmetrical portion extended.

Then there’s also the slender shelf that can be extended even further. It’s a sort of nest table but the inner pieces don’t come out all the way. The REK table is made from oak or beech wood, it has two white sides and the edges can be finished with your choice of wood. Its dimensions vary with its configuration: it measures 60 by 80 cm in collapsed state, the maximum length is 170 cm and the maximum width is 130 cm. the colors available are white and wood.Available for 1500 euros.

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