The Contemporary Atwood bed

The Atwood bed is a very interesting piece of furniture. On one hand it’s contemporary because of tis minimalist design, clean lines and lack of unnecessary details. On the other hand it has a rustic feel, mostly brought by the wood and its ability to add warmth to just about anything. The Atwood bed also has a stylish design and a simple but beautiful look.

The bed is crafted from reclaimed peroba wood and solid black walnut. It features a natural beeswax finish but lacquer finish is also an option. It has iron legs hidden underneath the platform. The Atwood bed is minimalist but charming and eye-catching. It’s partially because of its stylish design but also because of the fact that it features a built-in headboard. The headboard can completely change the way the bed but also the whole bedroom looks like.

The headboard is a stylish addition but the footboard is equally beautiful and functional at the same time. It functions both as a bench and bookcase. You can cleverly use this space to store books and, whenever you need something to read before you go to bed, all you need to go is browse your collection. This beautiful platform bed is available at prices between 1966.52 and 2130.46 euros. Each bed is unique and presents minimal variations in terms of color and texture.

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