The compact DOK sideboard

There are many different styles, designs and forms when it comes to sideboards. But their primary function remains storage. Still, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also be perceives as potential accent pieces for the house. DOK is a very interesting sideboard. Apparently it’s very simple but it’s actually very beautiful once you see all the beautiful details.

The DOK sideboard can be placed somewhere between modern and vintage. The shape, the simplicity and the lack of decorations and accessories make it a wonderful contemporary piece. Still, it features rusty steel details and traces of corrosion that bring it closer to vintage and antique pieces. The process of corrosion comes as a natural effect and once nature has done its job the sideboard it finished with a varnish to prevent further damage. This way each piece is unique.

Even though it seems like a compact and uniform piece, the DOK sideboard is actually made up of several different units. These units can be ordered separately. The front and back of the units are made from the same type of plywood panels and this makes each piece a great freestanding unit. The front pieces have a piano hinge and two pivot arms that hold the door open. The overall dimensions of each individual unit are 80 x 55 x 45 cm and they come in white and dark brown.Available on site.

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