The comic-book inspired Shazam coffee table

We’ve seen coffee tables inspired by ballerinas, photo albums, cars and all sorts of elements. Now we can add one more inspiring design thanks to the Shazam table. It’s actually a quite simple piece of furniture is terms of overall designs and concept. Still, it has an unusual look and a themed-appearance. The Shazam coffee table is a comic-book-inspired piece of furniture and it has a design that’s both geeky and distinguished.

The Shazam coffee table is a different kind of table, the type that can easily become a focal point of attention in any living room. With a design like this, it’s easy for it to attract everyone’s attention. It’s not because it has a very complex design or a colorful look but because of the whole idea and concept that it transmits. It’s a piece of furniture that makes you think of the good old times when you used to sit in your tree house reading comic books. It takes you back in time and it can also be a very fun addition to any home.

The table was designed by EViL ED and Dan Robotic of Evil Robot Designs. It’s crafted from solid American walnut and features a light gloss oil finish. It sits on stained black oak feet and has an overall design that makes it suitable for modern and contemporary interiors.

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Not only that it has a very interesting look, but it’s also a quite practical and functional piece of furniture. Since it’s hollow on the inside, the table can also be used for storage for things like magazines and other small items. Moreover, the table lets light get through thus creating very beautiful shadow effects that increase its beauty. This ingenious piece of furniture measures 100 cm L x 40 cm W and it’s easy to match with any contemporary furniture.



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