The comfy Pad bed by Guiseppe Viganò

This cozy bed is called Pad and it was a creation of Guiseppe Viganò who designed it for Bonaldo. The Pad bed has a very distinctive look. That’s mostly because of its striking casual look. It has a very simple design and it looks extremely inviting and cozy. It’s the type of bed you would just want to sit in and do nothing, simply enjoying it.

The Pad bed, as the name suggests, is a padded single bed. It has an unusually comfy look and several options are available when choosing the design. The Pad single bed is available either with fabric or leather cover. You choose your favorite texture and color from the variety of Bonaldo solutions. The Pad bed has a very simple design. It features curved lines and smooth edges. When you think about it, it seems like a perfect choice for those with little children.

The bed has a compact look and it also features a headboard. It’s smooth and sleek, just like the rest of the bed. It’s also a very functional and comfy addition and it matches the frame. The overall dimensions of the Pad bed are 2150 mm length, 1350 mm width and 750 mm height. It would make a great choice for any bedroom. It’s simple design and floating structure make it even more appealing and versatile. It’s a very comfy bed and it would look best in modern bedrooms.

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