The colorful Elk cabinet

When hearing the name and nothing else, you would probably be able to create a general idea of how this cabinet might look like. But I’m sure you wouldn’t guess the exact design. The Elk cabinet is a very distinguished piece of furniture that features a strange and intriguing design, not the type that anyone would include in their homes or even like.

The Elk cabinet is crafted with an American walnut frame and finger jointed corners. It also features 2 mosaic tile doors can cast brass legs, along with two adjustable shelves. The cabinet was designed by Working Hands Design Factory. The most striking feature about this cabinet is definitely the mosaic from the doors. As expected, they represent the image of an elk. It’s actually two different pictures and it’s hard to tell if it’s the same elk or not.

The dimensions of the cabinet are W104.2 D45 H73 (dimensions in cm) / W41 D18 H29 (dimensions in inches). The cabinet can be bought for $1,795. Because of the very specific design presented in the form of a mosaic, this cabinet is not as versatile and most such items are. It’s colorful and would probably look nice in a contemporary home among other similar items. Still, the artistic legs make us think that a traditional or rustic décor would also be a good choice.

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